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Wood sculpture is covered by black paint with silver dots.



I am fascinated by transformation and hiding power. My next project where I use 3D and 2D combinations is called "Seeds". This project is in progress. The basic shapes of the seeds were made in Houdini by Břetislav Kašpar as well.

3D pop illustration of the raspberry and black bat.
3D contemporary illustration of the snake, jasmine and egg.
3D contemporary illustration of the wings.
3D print sculpture of the magical creature.


Once I designed this creature called Bjuba I have had an idea to make him alive. I asked my friend Břetislav Kašpar who is a professional in Houdini to help with that idea. It was really magic to be just Art Director and watch how beautiful could be my proposals in 3D. I also ask Libor Ščerba to create music and Patrik Hradecký made the final comopositing. We exhibit this short movie about transforming Bjuba at Lustr festival. I created sculptures and illustrations to support the atmosphere in the room where we presented the project to the audience.
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