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Artworks for clients

Interior mural painting where is a lake with gold fishes surrounding by flowers and black lions.

The Interior Mural

 The Bistro Ořechovka

I painted walls in cooperation with architects who created this small beautiful restaurant. I decided to use gently colours and textures similar to the watercolor technique. The motives are about a woman who is transforming into a white mystic peacock.

Tattoo for Lucia

Cover for Fly Culture magazine.


I was asked by Flyfisher to create several illustrations for his articles and finally, we created a print for t-shirt. It was interesting to study this ancient art of hunting. I also created a cover for a magazine. 
Proposal of tattoo where is a flying indigo dragon, Kicune and creature who is playing on a flute.
Abstract illustratinof the dragonfly.
Illustration of a flyie with peacock feather.
The west meet the east on the painting that is created for a big wardrobe.
Tattoo of a flying dragon. The dragon is in indigo blue.

Documentary movie

about Kamil Lhoták

Textures for 3D models / Mari
The document is about the life of Kamil Lhoták who was a famous Czech painter. I created textures and atmosphere which should be similar to his style of painting.


Director Josef Císařovský / 3D artist Břetislav Kašpar / compozitor Patrik Hradecký

The Interior Mural / The Emerald

The Emerald is an Art Nouveau house in the centre of Prague consisting of 13 flats designed in 5 different styles. They are suitable for short term rental, various exhibitions or experiences.
I painted one of the flats. I decided to paint one of my favourite figures - Faun. The painting is the first thing that you can see after you wake up and before you go to sleep. The Faun is a dream guide and the happy colours of flowers are like a new day in the most magical city in the world.
Mural painting of the flowers at the ceiling
Mural painting in the Bistro Ořechovka.
Interior mura painting in the restaurant.
Paper box for flyfishing tools. There is a wolf on the cover.

The wardrobe

for Botanics

My clients wanted one piece of art but I have to paint ten doors of their future wardrobe separately. It was an interesting idea because a lot of people like huge paintings but they have small flats. So where they should place them...right?

Lucia was my client. She wanted to cover all her back by a tattoo. She also wanted to hide an old tattoo that she already have. I created several proposals and this one is the winner.


Clients - Optice, Elsea, Minerva, Emerald, Bistro Ořechovka, Color design, Host Publishing House, Albatros Publishing House, Meander Publisher, Běžíliška Publisher, Leda Publisher, Argo Publisher, Raketa, Živel, Čilichili, BK fly fishing, Charity Gums, Private persons

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